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Start Your Airbrush Journey Today!

The Airbrush Art School Academy has been put together based on our very successful classroom courses, but now offers the students a chance to learn the art of airbrushing from a distance, so no need for travel or accommodation costs.

Starting with our 3-week Beginner Academy - All new airbrush artists get to start the right way with all the correct information, this enables the student to reduce the steep learning curve to months, rather than years, and removes all those simple mistakes they would make trying to learn by themselves.

We start by getting students to understand the equipment and all the tools that are needed to produce a stunning piece of airbrush artwork. We then move on to how to maintain your airbrush and equipment which is key for hassle-free airbrushing.

There are over 10 daily exercises to slowly increase your airbrush trigger control to set the right foundation and shading exercises to understand values. After the student understands the daily routines we can start with projects where we go more into how to create textures in art as well as erasing techniques and lots more.

The beginner academy has 14 projects to complete with a view to building a portfolio for the student that they can showcase to the world. These assignments can be completed in your own time, there's no rush to get these done, and once completed students upload them to the Facebook Academy support group where Dave will critique each assignment and provide feedback on areas of improvement.

You can book a call with Dave to discuss the assignments or airbrushing in general at any time. Dave is here to support your airbrush journey all the way.

Take a look at the projects below to see what you will achieve in just the 3 weeks.

Start Your Airbrush Journey Today!

What You Will Learn!

Ideal Beginner Setup

Understanding Your Equipment

How To Clean & Maintain Your Airbrush

What To Practice For Better Trigger Control

How To Shade Correctly

How to Add Texture To Your Art

How To Use Erasing Tools

Fix Errors In Your Work

Achieve The Photorealism Look

Understand Paints & Surfaces

How To Create Soft & Hard Edges

Different Types Of Paints

Create Accurate Sketches

Transfer of Reference Images To Any Surface

How to Render Fur & Hair Correctly

Create Skin Tones & Textures

Tutorials & Assignments

Airbrush Jump Start & Monochromatic Studies