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Advanced 6 Week Academy

Welcome to the advanced level academy!

This academy is a lead-on from our intermediate academy and the object of this academy is to achieve photo-realism in our artwork.

Each assignment has full step-by-step tutorials the same as the intermediate academy, but now we really look at the finer detail to achieve the hyper-realistic look.

We have covered these subjects in previous academies, so although you will find these a challenge they are not out of reach from what you have learned to date, it's just we are paying more attention to detail. I would like to see all assignments from all students as you work through the piece not just as the end, so please send me your progress shots via Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. If I feel we need to discuss an assignment in a bit more detail, I will arrange a call with you. Please take your time with each assignment, as these are about 3-5 day projects and not to be rushed. I hope you enjoy these tutorials, but if you need any help you know you can call me at any point. Good luck and have fun!

If you have not gone through the previous academies, then you will need to call us to discuss your airbrush level.

What You Will Learn!

Create Hyper-realism in your work

Various ways to approach your subject

See more in your reference - looking for shapes

Using correct edges and what tools to use

Colour matching using colour theory

Correcting errors in your work

Understanding surfaces for each project

Mapping images for transfer or direct transfer

Closer look at transitions

Masking and where to use it

Using the right background

Advanced erasing techniques

Using different types of paint

Pricing your work

How to advertise your work

Creating a website to showcase your work

Tutorials & Assignments

Airbrush Advanced Level Projects