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Airbrush Art School - Intermediate Academy


Welcome to the Airbrush Art School Intermediate Academy Series!

The Airbrush Art School is all about creating accomplished airbrush artists, taking complete novices to a very high standard of airbrushing in a short space of time.

Starting with the very basics and gradually adding to your skillset week by week via our online tutorials with set assignments to complete that are critiqued by Dave Bristow.

These assignments are set out in a way not to overwhelm the student, but to encourage growth slowly and confidently, so you can tackle the very slight increase in complexity in the artwork week after week.

The intermediate academy is a lead-on from our beginner academy and is designed to break students into the world of colour. Starting with colour theory we teach students how to mix and match any colour the eye can see by using just the primary set of paints.

We then start our first colour projects, mixing all colours for the piece, There are 12 projects to complete including wildlife, portraits, landscapes, object, and mechanical art. By the end of the intermediate academy, each student should be ready to create their own colour projects with confidence.

Tutorials & Assignments

Open Your Eyes To Colour

What You Will Learn!

What To Practice For Better Trigger Control

How To Shade Correctly

How to Add Texture To Your Art

How To Use Erasing Tools

Fix Errors In Your Work

Achieve The Photorealism Look

Create Skin Tones & Textures

The Perfect Background That Compliments The Art

Understand Paints & Surfaces

Colour Mixing & Theory

How To Create Soft & Hard Edges

Different Types Of Paints

Create Accurate Sketches

Transfer of Reference Images To Any Surface

How to Render Fur & Hair Correctly